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Academic Materials Research Laboratory of Painted Artworks (ALMA) - a joint workplace of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AFA Prague) and the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (IIC ASCR)

ALMA is a scientific laboratory working in the field of cultural heritage. Combining the branches of the natural sciences, art and the history of art, it pursues deepening the knowledge of painting materials and techniques. The gained knowledge is integrated to a complete evaluation of painted art works with respect to their origin, age, and authenticity. ALMA Laboratory develops instrumental materials analysis methods and interprets the results in the context of art history and history of materials technology.


Just Released! Acta Artis Academica 2017
New publication! New Proceedings of Acta Artis Academica 2017 of the 6th ALMA Conference. The 6th interdisciplinary ALMA Conference 2017 is already past. We thank all lecturers, participants and sponsors for their successful implementation and we firmly believe that you will re-join us. Thank you for hard work and great enthusiasm, a number of great contributions was gathered, some of them you can find in English written proceedings Acta Artis Academica 2017. For more information click here.
Contributions to Acta Artis Academica 2017 proceedings – the deadline is approaching!
This communiqué is intended for presenting authors of all talks or posters at the 6th interdisciplinary ALMA conference & the 2nd CrysAC workshop in Brno. We would be grateful for the full texts of your contributions before June 30, 2017. Manuscripts should conform to the GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS of articles in ACTA ARTIS ACADEMICA proceedings. You can download these guidelines here. If you are interested to contribute to the AAA 2017 proceedings and could not for any serious reasons meet the deadline, please, contact us as soon as possible.
ALMA2017 conference – Many thanks to all!
We would like to thank all colleagues who helped with the preparation and organization of the 6th interdisciplinary ALMA conference & the 2nd CrysAC workshop in Brno. We would like particularly to thank all sponsors for their support. We would like to thank all participants for coming to Brno, their activity, interest and fruitful discussions. We are highly appreciative of all the positive reactions and support for the birth of this central-European discussion platform focused on top interdisciplinary research in the field of fine arts. To enjoy memories of the conference, please, visit the photo-gallery here.