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Acta Artis Academica 2012


Knowledge and Experience in the Fine Art

Editorial: David Hradil a Janka Hradilová

Published by Academy of Fine Arts in Prague / Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze

ISBN 978-80-87108-33-8

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The proceedings consists of contributions from the 4th Interdisciplinary ALMA conference named "Knowledge and Experinece in the Fine Art - From Understanding Materials to Technological Applications" held in Strahov Monastery, Prague on November 21-23 2012. The papers are published in Czech (Slovak) with full text English translation. The invited contributions are in English.


In the Service of Cognition

David Hradil and Janka Hradilová

Session 1
Transfer of Art and Technological Skills in Historic Context - Workshops, Copies and Replicas

Carolina Cardell / invited contribution
Painting Materials and Technical Evolution of Islamic Polychrome Art of the Nasrid Dynasty in Granada, Spain

Anabelle Križnar / invited contribution
Interdisciplinary Approach to Wall Paintings in Slovenia: Between Art History and Material Analysis

Marcin Kozarzewski, Maria Poksińska, Ryszard Źankowski / invited contribution
Gothic Painted Decoration in the Gallery of the Castle in Lidzbark Warmiński - A Bohemian Track in Northern Poland I: Historical Context, Research and Conservation

David Hradil, Janka Hradilová, Silvie Švarcová, Petr Bezdička, Zdeňka Čermáková, Milena Bartlová
Gothic Painted Decorations in Lidzbark Warmiński - A Bohemian Track in Northern Poland II: Materials Signs of Provenance

Jana Želinská, Mária Novotná, Eva Klučková
Study on Technological Composition of othic Altars from St. James´ Church in Levoča, Slovakia

Janka Hradilová, David Hradil, Igor Fogaš, Marie Zmydlená
Newly Found Romanesque Madonna of Sedes Sapientiae Type from a Czech Private Collection woth Element of West European Fine Arts Tradition

Šárka Radostová
The Possibilities of Art-Historical Expertise and Restorer methods of Recognising a Painting Using an Example of Two Newly Discovered Pictures by František Karel Palko: Original, Replica or Forgery?

Jan Blažek, Janka Hradilová, Jan Kamenický, Barbara Zitová
Detection of Copies Using Mathematicla Processing of Images I: Theoretical Basis and Methodology

Janka Hradilová, Blanka Valchářová, Michal Velíšek, Jan Blažek
Detection of Copies Using Mathematicla Processing of Images II: Story of a Painting on Canvas of a Boy Petting a Bird

Session 2
Knowledge and Research Into Technolgical Properties of Arts Materials

Valentine Pintus, Shuya Wei, Manfred Schreiner / invited contribution
Synthetic Materials Used in Modern and Contemporary Art and Their UV Ageing Properties

Renata Tišlová, Alena Hurtová, Lubomír Krbáč, Jiří Akrman, Karol Bayer
New Possibilities of Picture Varnishes Protection - the Effect of UV Stabilizers

Silvie Švarcová, Petr Bezdička, David Hradil
Origin, Composition and Stability of Copper Pigments in Wall Paintings

Dana Rohanová, Silvie Švarcová, Tomáš Hájek
Signs of Degradation on Czech Art Nouveau Mosaic Glasses

Session 3
The Application of R&D Results in the Restoration / Conservation Practice

Monica Galeotti / Invited Contribution
Revealing Reneissance Masterpieces Combining Experience, Traditional and Cutting Edge Technologies in the Process of Bringing Back to Life Three Terracotta Sculptures Madonna Con Bambino

Radomír Surma, Bronislav Koska
Polychrome Wooden Replica of Madonna of Rouchovany: New Methodology for Non-destrictive Survey and the Process of Replica´s Manufacture

Veronika Kopecká
Difficulties related to Conservation of Modern Paper Artefacts

Petra Janská
Visual Comparison of Graphic Techniques

Tereza Cikrytová
Investigation of Chinese Papers Characteristics as a Part of Oriental Wallpapers Conservation from the State Castle Valtice

Karol Bayer, Dana Macounová, Luboš Machačko
Calcium Hydroxide Nanosuspensions as Consolidants of Porous Limestone and Lime Plasters - from Laboratory Tests to Practical Application

Short Communications

Pavla Bauerová, Petr Bezdička
The Effects of Artificial Ageing on Model Colour Layers Containing Neutral Verdigris

Veronika Košařová, David Hradil, Viktor Kanický
Limitations of Spectroscopic Methods in the Study of Earthy Pigments

Milena Reháková, Katarína Vizárová, András Peller, Růžena Škuciová
Study of Traditional and Modern Fillings´ Stability

Tereza Tribulová, Jan Sehnal
Tuition of Replica Creation of Selected Codex Vyssegradensis Folia on Secondary Technical School of Graphics in Prague