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Acta Artis Academica 2014


Interpretation of fine art's analyses in diverse contexts

Editorial: David Hradil a Janka Hradilová

Published by Academy of Fine Arts in Prague / Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze

ISBN 978-80-87108-48-2

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The proceedings consists of contributions from the 5th Interdisciplinary ALMA conference named "Interpretation of fine art's analyses in diverse contexts" held in Baroque refectory of Dominican monastery of St. Giles in Prague's Old Town, on November 20-21 2014. The papers are published in Czech (Slovak) with full text English translation. The invited contributions are in English.


Ten years of activity of the ALMA laboratory (2004-2014)

David Hradil and Janka  Hradilová

Session 1
Imaging methods: from inner structure of artwork to its material composition and vice versa

Raffaella Fontana, Marco Barucci, Enrico Pampaloni, Jana Striova, Luca Pezzati
From Leonardo to Raffaello: Insights by VIS-IR reflectography

Magdalena Iwanicka
Optical coherence tomography in painting conservation practice

Jan Blažek, Barbara Zitová, Tomáš Tichý, Vlasta Vašutová
Optical properties of historical paint pigments under near infrared (NIR) radiation

Jan Žemlička, Jan Jakůbek, Jan Dudák, Janka Hradilová, Olga Trmalová
X-ray radiography of paintings with high resolution I.: testing and measurements with large area pixel detector

Janka Hradilová, Olga Trmalová, Jan Žemlička
X-ray radiography of painting with high resolution II.: two counterpart paintings from tha chapel in Vizovice chateau - two completely different stories

Session 2
Special lectures marking the year of crytallography

Emeline Pouyet, Marine Cotte
Combined synchrotron-based X-ray and FTIR micro-spectroscopies for studying cultural heritage artefacts

Klaus Häfner
Use of Andrea Pozzo's grid as a tool for baroque fresco painters: observation on the paintings by Johann Baptist Zimmermann in the vault of a Pilgrim church in Wies, Bavaria

Session 3
Material analysis in an interdisciplinary scope

Katarína Vizárová, Milena Reháková
Position and importance of analytical methods in the process of protection of paper-based heritage objects

Milena Bartlová
Can material analyses firmly support an art historical evaluation?

Jana Waisserová, Renata Tišlová, Pavel Waisser, Thomas Köberle
Italian renaissance stucco of the Telč chateau - material characteristics and its technological reconstruction

Danica Stojkovičová, Zuzana Ludíková
Notes about conservation treatment of the early baroque high altar of the assumption of the Virgin Mary in Domaniža

Igor Fogaš, Zora Wörgötter, Janka Hradilová, David Hradil, Tomáš Zikmund, Jozef Kaiser
Investigation of Madonna in the travel altar of Robert of Anjou from the collection of moravian gallery in Brno